Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Time Marches On

Can it already be the middle of March? Time really flies as you get older. Totally how I feel right now:

He discovered his tongue! 

Breckin has been in school for 6 months. He seems to really love it. Even though he’s exhausted afterward.

He’s come home with one piece of artwork a month usually including a paint print of his foot.
It's really cute and has stopped making me cry...don't ask..I just love his little hands and feet. 

Breckin has grown quite adept with his walker. He’s learned how to turn it and now tries to take it up and down stairs and over objects. Which in turn causes my blood pressure to jump. 
His therapist recently showed us how to unlock the wheels. Which makes Breckin go around in a circle when is tired. But will be great for him once he's figured out how to to use it. It will give him greater control and allow him navigate tight spaces easily. Also, hopefully it will force him to use more of his own muscles and get him to start trusting himself to walk independently.  Which would be great for us too since he's getting tall and heavy.

Breck still isn't talking. He's making sounds and is showing greater range of emotions. Squealing when happy and really hamming it up when he's sad or in trouble. It's pretty cute.  As seen here.

Hopefully he'll catch on to some words soon. I really want to hear him say mama.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Preschool Shmschool

Well it's happened.

Breckin started preschool.

Trying on his backpack

Walking into school

I'm excited but my back pack is heavy

Grandma and Komo watching me walk in

Sitting in class - starting circle time

It was a tough day for Mommy (I cried while making his lunch, while dropping him off and once at work) but not for Breckin. He handled the day wonderfully. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Round here

Feels like I’ve been writing some version of this blog post forever and just don't get around to putting my thoughts down. 

Since my last post Breckin has had two more seizures one on January 22 and one on Easter Sunday March 27. He’s now on a higher dosage of his medicine and we have rescue medicine. Which we used on Easter. It was the first time Joe and I felt in control and less scared. It’s never easy seeing your kid’s brain lock up. But this time felt better because we we had a plan, executed it and although we spent the afternoon in the ER it was spent cuddling Breckin and not watching helplessly as the ER team tried to stop his seizure. 

See the Cuddles?

Breckin is still getting his therapy every week. He just got leg braces and we see an improvement in his walking when he wears them. It’s hard because we don’t see the great leaps and bounds that we thought therapy would provide. But he works hard and we know he’s making progress slowly but surely. Imagine video of him holding hands and walking. I can't go figure out how to put the video in here yet. 

At the end of the month we have a meeting with the school district to see about preschool and therapy through them. It's such a scary concept for me. Thinking of people that don't know Breckin and know his quirks taking care of him scares the ever loving crap out of me. I do feel like he'd benefit from being around other kids. But handing your world over to someone that might not take care of it as well as you and your family do is scary. 

As a parent sometimes you just make hard choices and do what you think is best. even when the answer isn't clear. You just kinda cross your fingers and toes and hope it's the right one. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Please let this story be true!!

I can't make this stuff up.

A white woman is saying that Michael Jackson's ghost impregnated her and that's why she gave birth to black baby.

This chick says she was watching a special on Michael Jackson then his ghost came back and knocked her up.

Her husband says he believes her and they are asking for money from the Jackson estate.

I don't want them to get to money but man....I'd love to spend 5 minutes with this whack-a-doodle.

You can read the story here.


Friday, October 30, 2015

What's a microcephaly


Since my last post Breckin has been diagnosed with Microcephaly. Which literally means small head. I’m sure you are thinking. “ small head? Is that a real thing. Small head’s are cute!” , “think of the money you’ll save on hats!”.


Yes, it’s a real thing and yes he is cute. However, it does come with more problems than finding child size hats.


On Sept 2nd Breckin had a seizure. I had no idea a seizure could look like this. He wasn’t flopping around he was just sitting staring off. He could still respond to questions but I couldn't get him to move his head. That was probably the scariest day of my life. When my brother called me at first I thought Breckin was just nauseous. So I asked him to send me a video. When I saw the video all the blood in my body went straight to my feet. Honestly I don’t know how I kept it together but I managed to drive to my parents’ house pick up Breckin and my brother and then head to Urgent care. Apparently we were supposed to call 911. I guess we’re lucky that no damage was done. We ended up being transported via ambulance to Lucille Packard children’s hospital.

Seizures are part of the territory with microcephaly.

Since that time we’ve had Breckin on anti-seizure meds and he’s doing great. His head is still small but no seizures. 

The past few months have been full of doctor’s appointments and therapies and through it all Breckin has been a champ. 

He’s so strong, good natured and such a sweet heart. This kid kills me with how loving he is. 

Joe and I are so lucky to have him. 

Monday, May 4, 2015


Happy 14 year dating anniversary to my Sugarloaf.

I still remember the giddy feelings I felt knowing you and I were going on our first date. Almost 5 years of marriage, several moves and a kid later, I still feel like that 20 year old girl when I’m with you.  

I love you! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

unfinished Friday

While digging through my emails I found this post I wrote back in 2006. Why I never posted I don't know. But I thought it was cute and thought I'd share. So here it is in all its glory. Happy 5th anniversary, honey.

so,  for our 5 year anniversary joe and i decided to go camping..well i decided and he agreed. so we booked a spot at clear lake got some food, did some shopping and and were on our way. we arrived at clear lake around dusk. the moment we got out of the car we were attacked by mosquitos. joe went to the bathroom and while he was in there i noticed the thousands of large ants on the ground. as i stood there getting attacked by land and air, i realized how unromantic staying there would be. the more bugs i saw, the more freaked out i became. thank god there weren't any spiders, i may have left joe in the bathroom. joe came out and agreed that there were many bugs, but he assured me that it wouldn't be so bad. we walked around looking for a spot farther from the lake to avoid the mosquito nests. as we walked we realized two things, the lake was everywhere and the mosquitos were relentless. i decided that it was time to leave. i couldn't stand myself or joe being attacked by these things. i felt really bad..like i couldn't hack it or something. joe made sure i was covered and put me in the car. he then drove me and my tears ( for feeling stupid) to a hotel. we made hot dogs in the room (pizza was closed) and had a little carpet picnic. it was much better than camping. the next morning we went to breakfast in calistoga and shopped at a little bookstore. as it started to rain i was really happy that we didn't stay at the camp grounds. we went and saw old faithful then drove partically the whole north bay. we stopped in sebastapool at a little ice cream place. home made ice cream is the best. i got an ice cream cone that looked like a pair of balls and weiner. i swear..we got a picture after i was eating.but you can kinda see it. we found our way to san francisco via petaluma. Going over the golden gate we had to pay toll. neither of us had cash..i offer a credit card and check to no avail.  and stayed at the westin which we both fell in love with. friday was spent in san francisco at golden gate park. we rented some bikes and rode around..oh my cookies..riding bikes is hard. when i was a kid, i don't remember it being that hard. we ate had a picnic of pul go gi and salad. we then drove to fisherman's wharf ate more ice cream at ghiradelli square. i love ice cream. we had dinner at cipinnos and went back to the westin. sunday morning we woke up and went to china town. we had lunch at this place i had heard about from $40.00 a day with rachel ray on the food network. it's called the oriental pearl. the food was okay. we then went to the metreon and watched the da vinci code. which as i suspected ron howard ruined. if you haven't read the book, you might like it. But I hated it. Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon?? wtf! after the metreon,