Monday, June 14, 2010


Ever since I was in 7th grade I've loved musical theatre, it was then that my best friend at the time introduced me to it. She was well versed in the ways of auditions and backstage antics. The play was "You're a good man Charlie Brown" put on by the Sunnyvale Community Players. I didn't know anything about the play except that I wanted to be in it so bad. Mostly so I could hang out with her. I was so nervous I must have peed 5 times before it my turn to get up and sing. My heart was beating fast, I don't even remember what I sang but I remember how it felt when I didn't get in. My heart sank and my eyes filled with tears. They called a few days later and said that some kids dropped out, so I was in and a star was least in my head. I'd sing at the top of my lungs into my hair brush and dance around the room.

I'm sitting here watching the Tony awards (on Tivo) with the excitement of a kid at Christmas. It's so exciting to see these people that do this for a living who have a true love of it, all together in one place celebrating it.

I think I hear my hair brush calling.

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