Thursday, December 1, 2011

The end of fall

Ok, so I totally pooched the Thanksgiving posts again. But, I did think of things i'm thankful for.

Friends, Family, our new house, our sweet little puppy, my job. Ok, that wasn't a whole months worth but you get the idea.

The weather has been decidedly fall like. Crisp and cold, I absolutely love it. I love coming home and putting on fuzzy socks and snuggling up on the couch. Now i just need to get some hot cocoa.

The hubs and I (yes i use the word hubs) got our Christmas tree this weekend. Poor thing is outside in a bucket waiting for our tree stand to come in.

Can't wait to decorate our little house. I want to look like Christmas vacation!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ok, again i'm gonna try the thankful game. One thing a day to be thankful for.

Today is Halloween. I'm thankful I got to hand out candy this year! It was so fun to see all the little kids in their costumes!

I can't wait until next year! Hopefully we'll get more!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What to expect when you aren’t expecting

Everyone around will get pregnant. Even your animals who are boys.

People will tell you to relax, not to go crazy, don’t stress. You can’t help it. When you want something with your entire being it’s hard to not think about it.

Reading about other people’s infertility does help but it also will make you feel like you’ll never get pregnant.

Your doctor will tell you that what you’re doing is spot on and to just hold out. Most likely you’ll get knocked up.

You’ll just have to keep hoping and praying that you’ll get pregnant. That’s the only thing left to do. I mean aside from buying a baby off the internet. Which has crossed your mind.

Eating cheese and chocolate helps.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Misoni – What was all the hype about Target carrying Misoni. This stuff looks like something my grandmother would have crotcheted. It’s really just hideous. And seriously, who wants some old Italian man telling you how to dress. Weird.

Starbucks – I love me some starbucks. Seriously they are my special friend. However, they have recently come out with a line of clothing. People like Vera Wang designed some t-shirts for them. These t-shirts come in at a hefty price of $85. Yes, that’s right no typo. 85 smackaroo’s. Now, I love starbucks but I’m not willing to pay 85 bucks to show people my love. They can just see the cup attached to my hand.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fancy talk

At the fancy restauraunt for Joe’s 29th birthday:

Me: Mmm I love this whipped cream

Him: This suffle thing is good

Me: No, seriously I love this whipped cream

Me: (Taking 3 more bites of just whipped cream)

Him: Wow, you’re really going to town on that whipped cream

Me: Seriously, this stuff is awesome. It’s got the flavor of redi whip by the consistency of cool whip.

Him: You have some sophisticated taste.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ding Ding

Round two-
Girl time 2, Charity 0
Preparing for battle in August.
Eating protein bars, stretching, staying hydrated, taking vitamins.
Oh and no jumping up and down after sex. Not even when it’s that good.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Why you should learn to kick like the karate kid

Yesterday after a lovely dinner of bbq. Joe and I decided to take a stroll through Sport’s Basement.

Seemed safe enough at the time.

We practiced putting on their mini putting green. Joe told me the way I squat to putt is not the proper technique.

We threw around a football and I wowed the staff and other shoppers with my perfect spiral throws. (thank you big brother)

And finally we go to the boxing section.

I punched a hangy ball thing for a while you know the kind you always see in movies. Front kicked a standing punching bag. Which is when Joe told me to try a round house. I did two perfectly.

For the third I flexed my foot. I kicked that bag full on hard. As my toe made contact I was acutely aware of the fact that fabric ballet flats are not close to being steel toe boots. The pain shot up my foot and it was all I could do to keep from crying or cursing. I grabbed Joe and we hobbled out of the store dejected.

At least I got ice cream after.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I need a little Christmas

I'm coming down from a very emotional couple of weeks. I lost my beloved aunt. Her death was expected as she had been sick for awhile but happened entirely too quickly. She was a woman like no other.

Crazy to the core. But with a good heart. There are so many special memories I have of her and so many weird little mannerisms I've picked up from her. I'll never forget the way she hugged me so tight. They way her little hands were always so soft, from the olive oil she would tell me. They way she cried when i got engaged, and how she cried when she watched my wedding video because she couldn't get out of the hospital to come to the wedding.

My heart is broken but I know it will heal. I know she's not suffering and I know she looks down on us. I know she's giving 'em hell in heaven and then making everyone a salami sammich.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friday's thoughts

I wrote this last Friday before my heart hit the floor and bounced a couple of times.

Why do Friday afternoon’s seem to take forever? Is there some strange sort of space time continuum that we enter into Friday at 2:30?

Is God up there laughing as he slows down the clock “hey, hey, Jesus. Watch this..”

I mean seriously. It’s ridiculous.

So I’m writing this blog trying to pass the time away.

The bathroom at work had a sign on the door “Men at Work”. Imediately I felt the urge to open the door to see if they were from the land down under but decided against it. When I told Joe of the sign he made the same joke. Being married makes you funny x2.

I need to get some new flats. The ones I’m wearing are terribly stinky. Who knew my delicate little angel feet could smell this bad? Not me. That’s for sure. I found some cute topsiders but dang..they are expensive.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thor, Thor, Thor

So this is coming a bit late but I wanted to write this anyway. Ps: there are spoilers so stop reading now if you don't want to know.

Went and saw Thor the latest super hero movie.

Thor comes from another to earth after he's kicked out by his Dad. Meets a scientist ( a little hottie) Natalie Portman. She falls for him because well..he's super pretty. She teaches him some human manners and he teaches her other world science.

The climax comes when Thor's brother Loki (the God of mischief, which I learned from the Mask) tries to take over their home planet. Thor having learned his lesson on earth goes back to his home planet and fights Loki. He leaves the chick behind for the time being to be king.

This movie was super fun, the characters are likable and a well written story line. It's pg enough for 8 and older but funny enough for adults. Dudes will like action and superhero stuff..and girls will dig the romance and the incredibly easy on the eyes Thor.

I give it two thumbs up plus a toe for good measure.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ugh...I need a diet.

So, i've been looking at wedding, bachy. bridal shower photos tonight as I wait for Joe for dinner.
I noticed two things. One, I looked much thinner. Two, I need to get spray tanned all the time.

For my bachy I got spray tanned before our Vegas trip. I looked great!!! Seriously, what is it about a tan that makes a chick look...ka pow?

Clearly the only thing for me to do is take up naked running.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The incident

An incident is what happens when two people are a little careless in the bedroom.

An incident leads to hope and fear and the what if's.

The girl time is what tells you the incident means nothing.

It's also what makes you cry a little bit.

The girl time also makes you think, hey have your friends wedding, a bachy cruise and an anniversary cruise coming up.

An incident is what makes you 100% sure you want a baby.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The world is turning

I found out last week that All My Children and One Life to Live are both being canceled.

These shows are part of my childhood memories. As a kid my grandmother would watch them everyday during the long summers i stayed with her. I remember hearing the theme songs and eating my lunch on the coffee table while we watched.

I learned things from these shows, like amnesia is a great excuse to sleep with your husband's brother. Someone you thought you killed in the past will come back looking totally different and hunt you down, but in 3 short months they will be your best friend.

I always imagined myself a housewife or retired watching these shows. It makes me kind of sad to think they won't be on.

I guess I'll have to switch to days of our lives or general hospital.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Burning books

I read today that there is a pastor in Florida that burned copies of the Koran and is now receiving death threats. Reading this made me incredibly sad. How is that we are such intolerant people?

I don't care what you believe but burning another religions holy book isn't the way getting your point across. Not only that, but does this guy honestly believe that burning books is going to stop Muslim's? Would burning the bible stop Christians?

Of course not. You know why? Because people love their faith and they love their God. They love their faith so much that they are willing to die for it. On both sides. It's just a shame it has to come to that. Why can't we see that through our differences there is beauty. That no matter what God or doctrine we believe in we're all still people. People who need to re-read those holy books we hold so dear.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


How my dogs mouth doesn't go dry after he's been licking his junk for 10 minutes.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sucker punch me in the face

The hubs and I and some friends decided to play teenager for a night and go see a midnight showing of Sucker punch. It's always fun to wait in line with friends. But needless to say we were exhausted after it.

Spoiler alert. If you don't want to know about the movie leave now. But come back! :)

Run time: 2 hours

The movie was visually spectacular. Creative fight scenes, cool effects, pretty girls.
But the movie was also very depressing!

Set in a mental hospital after the main character "Baby doll" accidentally shoots her little sister while trying to save her. She learns that in 5 days she'll be getting a lobotomy. She immediately goes into survival mode and creates an elaborate story in her head involving the girls she meets, orderly's and her doctor. A story of her hatching an escape plan with some of the other girls.

While in Baby doll's fantasy she creates another fantasy in her head. Do you follow that? That's 3 different levels of story telling going on. Confusing!

On top of being confusing almost all of the non main characters die. Not in a really heroic way either but in sad way.

There's also this underlying theme of rape and sexual assault. It really bothered me in this movie for some reason. It never actually happened but I was waiting for it to. The girls were all ready fighting to leave and for their freedom. It felt like over kill for them to be fending off creepy guys too.

In the end the "baby doll" doesn't find her way out but she helps another girl escape.

It wasn't an absolutely terrible experience but I wouldn't watch it again. Although the hubs says he'd buy it for the fight scenes. Hot girls in skimpy outfits kicking butt..why does that not surprise me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The worlds saddest commercial

There's this commercial from the foundation for a better life with a father and daughter. The dad pushes the little girl on her bike, walks her down and then it shows her kissing his forehead as he passes away.

Really foundation for a better life, really? Do you want to make grown women blubbering cry babies?

Because that's what happened. Yeah, think about that. Jerks.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

house hunters

Well, the hubs and I are looking for new digs...maybe. Our landlady wants us to sign a new lease. We're not super keen on signing a new lease because we don't want to get stuck in the winchester mystery apt for another year. We meet on Saturday to discuss. If it doesn't work out then we are on the hunt.

We've been peeking at cragislist and different apts. My friend Shauna found us a cute little house here in sunnyvale. We're meeting the owner tomorrow so I hope it goes well. My concern is that it's super close to the train tracks so maybe we wear earplugs? The trains run almost all night. :/

We're keeping our fingers crossed. I'm not sure which i want more to move or to stay. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sometimes working with your spouse isn't all it's cracked up to be. Like when he takes your car, doesn't tell you where he's going and then doesn't get back when he says he will.

All i know is that there better one heck of a good story behind this. And a foot rub.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


No, i'm not but my mother seems to think i am at all times. For example:

Mom: Charity I don't think you should be lifting that wheelchair.

Me: Why? i'm young and strong.

Mom: You could hurt the baby.

Me: What baby?

Mom: You could be pregnant.

Me: Mom, i'm not pregnant.

Mom: How do you know?

Me: I just had my girl time and Joe and I have only done it once since then!

I love her. lol.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Here we go...

Wow, it's been a crazy long time since I've written. I've gotten married, went on a honeymoon, had a great christmas and a nice new year.

It's 2011. I can't believe it. Time flies. This year will be exciting! Best friend's wedding, 1st anniversary, hopefully baby making. I can't wait.

But for now, heading out for date night with the hubby. :)