Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friday's thoughts

I wrote this last Friday before my heart hit the floor and bounced a couple of times.

Why do Friday afternoon’s seem to take forever? Is there some strange sort of space time continuum that we enter into Friday at 2:30?

Is God up there laughing as he slows down the clock “hey, hey, Jesus. Watch this..”

I mean seriously. It’s ridiculous.

So I’m writing this blog trying to pass the time away.

The bathroom at work had a sign on the door “Men at Work”. Imediately I felt the urge to open the door to see if they were from the land down under but decided against it. When I told Joe of the sign he made the same joke. Being married makes you funny x2.

I need to get some new flats. The ones I’m wearing are terribly stinky. Who knew my delicate little angel feet could smell this bad? Not me. That’s for sure. I found some cute topsiders but dang..they are expensive.

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