Monday, July 11, 2011

I need a little Christmas

I'm coming down from a very emotional couple of weeks. I lost my beloved aunt. Her death was expected as she had been sick for awhile but happened entirely too quickly. She was a woman like no other.

Crazy to the core. But with a good heart. There are so many special memories I have of her and so many weird little mannerisms I've picked up from her. I'll never forget the way she hugged me so tight. They way her little hands were always so soft, from the olive oil she would tell me. They way she cried when i got engaged, and how she cried when she watched my wedding video because she couldn't get out of the hospital to come to the wedding.

My heart is broken but I know it will heal. I know she's not suffering and I know she looks down on us. I know she's giving 'em hell in heaven and then making everyone a salami sammich.

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