Tuesday, January 31, 2012


There's just something about Jane Austens' books that i can't seem to shake. The way she writes about the time and the people. They weren't so different from us today. You know, minus the manners.

I love the romance she puts into her books. Where each couple has to work for what they want. Where they couldn't just come out and say it's you I want. When there was a clear line of what was proper.

I love the way the movies depict the scenes from that time period, the furniture, the clothes. I love the music and the dancing. No bumping, no grinding. But actual dancing.

What would it have been like to not have hard back breaking chores to do but to sew. When a woman was considered fragile. Taking a walk around the garden would tire her out. I probably would have hated it.

I fall asleep at night thinking of the scenes from the movies. The rolling country sides, the way the clothes looked and what the excitement of a party must have been like. It's all just so lovely.

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