Friday, December 28, 2012

Bathroom etiquette for the ladies

There are some chicks in my office that apparently don’t have any toilet manners. So here are a few simple easy to follow rules

1.       If you drop a deuce make sure all of it goes down when you flush. I walked in yesterday and it looked like someone dropped trou, did their business and left. No flush.

2.       If you pee on the seat wipe it up!
3.       Don’t talk on the phone while you’re in the shared bathroom. I don’t want your sister, mom, boyfriend, cousin to hear my toots. If you’re talking to a non-family you are gross. STOP!

4.       While I appreciate good dental hygiene. If you are going to brush your teeth do it quick and get out. Don’t spend 20 minutes at the sink flossing and cleaning. It grosses me out to think of the poop particles floating around landing on your toothbrush.

5.       For the love of Pete wrap your tampons and pads in paper. That stuff is gross, man!

6.       Remember this is not your bathroom at home you share this with other people. Keep it clean ladies!

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