Thursday, January 24, 2013

English Breakfast

Well look who’s becoming a tea drinker

Watch out Angela Lansbury I’m coming for your drink. It didn’t start because of the baby or anything like that. Let’s be honest I’ll take a decaf coffee over tea any day of the week. It started when Joe and I were sick. A cuppa tea just sounded delicious.

So apple spice was had by me. Joe had chamomile. The next night, same thing. And the following. And now. I enjoy me some tea. I drink it in the afternoon at my desk when the AC at the office feels a little cool. I drink it at night while watching Ghost Hunters.

And to be honest, I like it. My coffee loving body shivers at the realization. But I do. I’m looking for more delicious flavors. What does everyone like? It needs to be decaf but other than that I’m open.

And if you want to tell me to shut up and have a latte feel free. This could be a phase, when I’m sick I do watch a lot of murder she wrote.