Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why I’m excited to have your baby – a post for my husband

Happy Father's day to a soon to be daddy.

You are going to be such a good Dad.

I can’t wait to see you with our baby. I can’t wait to see you hold him or her. To watch you kiss their little face and watch you fall asleep with them nuzzled against your neck.

I want to hear you make them laugh and teach them things. You'll show them how to do things like tie knots and how to eat salami.

You'll scare monsters away from their closet and under their bed. You'll hug them when they sad and high five them when things are good.
I can't wait until the nights we go sleep talking about the neat things they did or said that day.

I want to make new traditions with you at holidays, ones that our kids will share with their kids.   Like you reading A Christmas Carol every year. And you playing Christmas songs on the guitar while we decorate the tree.

I know you will love our baby and me to the ends of earth and back again.

Just don’t throw the baby like Marshall. 

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