Thursday, April 14, 2016

Round here

Feels like I’ve been writing some version of this blog post forever and just don't get around to putting my thoughts down. 

Since my last post Breckin has had two more seizures one on January 22 and one on Easter Sunday March 27. He’s now on a higher dosage of his medicine and we have rescue medicine. Which we used on Easter. It was the first time Joe and I felt in control and less scared. It’s never easy seeing your kid’s brain lock up. But this time felt better because we we had a plan, executed it and although we spent the afternoon in the ER it was spent cuddling Breckin and not watching helplessly as the ER team tried to stop his seizure. 

See the Cuddles?

Breckin is still getting his therapy every week. He just got leg braces and we see an improvement in his walking when he wears them. It’s hard because we don’t see the great leaps and bounds that we thought therapy would provide. But he works hard and we know he’s making progress slowly but surely. Imagine video of him holding hands and walking. I can't go figure out how to put the video in here yet. 

At the end of the month we have a meeting with the school district to see about preschool and therapy through them. It's such a scary concept for me. Thinking of people that don't know Breckin and know his quirks taking care of him scares the ever loving crap out of me. I do feel like he'd benefit from being around other kids. But handing your world over to someone that might not take care of it as well as you and your family do is scary. 

As a parent sometimes you just make hard choices and do what you think is best. even when the answer isn't clear. You just kinda cross your fingers and toes and hope it's the right one. 


  1. I love Breckin, and I know he's in Gods hands and will do just fine! I felt the same way you did with Francisco when he had to go to school and be in the care of others. Breckin is a great kid, and will do great.

  2. You are such a wonderful mom. Breckin is a lucky guy. <3