Sunday, October 22, 2017

Update Shmupdate

Since my last post Breckin's seizure's continue. Less frequently though, we're now at about once a week. Better, but not great. We're still playing with the medicine and trying to figure out what's going on. 

Breckin had another MRI last Wednesday. This time it's not only his brain but also his spine. We're hoping to find out why his walking has regressed. It was 3 hours so quite a long one but Breckin did great, of course they put him under so that he won't move around. My brother and his wife brought us coffee which helped pass the time.  

In other news I decorated for Halloween today. Later than normal but i'm really happy. I just need to find a Halloween wreath for the front door. 

Before and after the MRI.

And now some cute pictures just because I can't help myself.

Snuggles with Dad

How to eat a down. Core and all. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Seizures suck big donkey balls. Breckin has had 5 in the past couple of weeks and it’s killing us. We switched his medicines and it’s clear this new one isn’t working. Which means we have to switch again. 

It's horrible to not having control of this in anyway. And it sucks to start to feel good like this medicine will work and then boom. Seizure. 

Whe Breckin has a seizure he's out of it for the rest of the day and can’t attend school or therapy or do fun things we had planned. 

Not to mention the emotional toll they take on Joe and I having to try to navigate all of this and manage work at the same time. And living with a crazy level of stress wondering when the next one will happen and if the Valium that we shoot in his butt to stop the seizure will one day stop working too is just sucky. 

I just want them to stop.

So Breckin, if you read this please stop your brain from freaking out. I’ll give you a cookie. 

Ps: This isn't a cry for help. Joe and I are doing fine. We are stressed but I think that's normal for parents. We have a great support system. 
We appreciate all the love and prayers people send to Breckin and us. 

Pps: This could be a cry for help if the help you are sending is wine.